Why Choose Storage?

1. Choose a Secure Storage Unit

If you’re paying to store your belongings, some of which are either expensive or priceless (as in the case of family memorabilia), it pays to know it’s in a secure location. Storage units are subject to water damage, mold growth (due to moisture), heat or cold damage from temperature changes, and theft. All of these things can ruin or damage your belongings significantly, costing you money both in replacements and repairs, and in the monthly check you write to that storage unit service.

We recommend storage vaults. At moving and storage units Seattle, we provide our customers with high quality storage vaults that are designed to fit small to moderate quantities of belongings. Each mover has the option of selecting as many or as few storage vaults as they need.

These vaults are then placed into our secure, temperature-controlled, monitored warehouse. Because we also pack these storage vaults for our customers, all the furniture, boxes, and items remain well-packed with padding and proper stacking methods.

And, naturally, it also protects all of your items from storage unit theft. Because they remain safely stored in our secured warehouse, we can ensure that theft is a non-issue.

2. Keep Your Furniture and Valuables Wrapped and Stored From Your Move

Homeowners often assume that their items are safe while in storage, and there is no need to wrap, pad, or secure their items. However, after several visits to a storage unit, things often need to be shifted in order to find certain items that you need, and your belongings will often get scratched, dented, or otherwise harmed in the process. So, it’s vital that your furniture, especially, is properly wrapped and padded.

At On The Go Moving, we will wrap, pack, and secure your belongings for you. If, after your move, you decide that you need things in storage, we will leave your items professionally wrapped with our high-quality wrapping materials when they are put into our storage vaults. This saves you the hassle of re-wrapping your items before they’re put into storage, and your items are also able to remain professionally protected with our materials at no cost to you.

Storing to Save Money and Protect Your Belongings

If you find yourself in need of moving and storage services, contact our professional moving and storage team. We provide moving and storage services to clients throughout Seattle, West Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell-Mill Creek, Everett, and other cities within the greater Seattle area.

Our focus is to provide you with reliable, trustworthy, stress-free moving and storing services. When it’s time to contact a moving and storage company in Seattle, contact our team to discuss your options, or even to just ask questions. We are here to help!

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